The Accessibility Team is dedicated to the two-fold mission of creating accessibility within the parish and cultivating an environment of respect and welcome for all  community members. The Accessibility Team fields accommodation request and hosts social, educational, and spiritual events throughout the year. Additionally, the team serves to connect parishioners to accessibility, faith, and disability-related resources offered through the Archdiocese as well as through the greater community. 


Accommodation Request:

Do you have a disability-related concern or a request for an accommodation? Let us know! Please type your concern below. You may submit a request anonymously, or if you would like for a member of the Accessibility Team to follow up with you, please include your email address or phone number.


Schedule of Upcoming Events:

-Fellowship Meeting: TBD


Would you like to be included on the Accessibility email list to get up-to-date information about Access events and news? 


Current Layout  and Accommodations:

It can be tough to visit a new parish or event, if you don’t know what the layout will be or what resources will be available. Everyone should be able to participate in parish life without having to worry about accessibility or safety. Below are some pictures of our spaces as well as current accommodations to help you plan your trip: 


Mobility: designated parking spaces are on the side walk to the left of as well as in front of the church. There is ramp access on the left side of the church. 

-The doors are not automatic.

-Currently, we do not have designated wheelchair-accessible seating, but we are working on a solution to that currently


High Sensory (amplified lights and sound)


Low Sensory: (low lights and sound) Currently, the 9am mass is the most low-sensory friendly mass. There is no organ music, but a guitar group that plays in the front right of the church.


Other accomodations: 


TBD: Photos and information about the layout and accessibility features at our church:

If you need more info or have questions before you visit, feel free to email us Attn: Grace at

Additional Resources:

Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Office of Disabilities:

Information about our IDD and Autism Hotline, the Catholic League for Persons with Disabilities, upcoming retreats, and faith-based resources for people with disabilities. 


Job Accommodation Network:

Are you looking for a way to modify your environment or have questions about workplace accommodations? This website allows you to talk to specialists who are knowledgeable about the ADA and accommodations in workplaces. Also, you can search for accommodations and accessible technology on this site by impairment or disability. 


Lily’s Gift and Be Not Afraid: These websites have resources to help families with a prenatal disability diagnosis


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