A Gift from One Generation to the Next


Help Restore And Preserve St. John the Baptist 


An anchor is a symbol of hope and dedication; it is a vital element, a resource to depend on. To so many, Saint John the Baptist is an anchor. For Parishioners it is the cornerstone for worship and prayer.  School alumni see their time at the school as the foundation for their formation, having made possible their way of life today. Community members see St. John’s as a mainstay for this closely knit neighborhood. For countless travelers from around the world the church is an architectural pillar - an iconic Philadelphia landmark.


Since 1831, Saint John the Baptist Church has graced the city of Philadelphia, serving all who seek God, community, and renewal.


Our wonderful Friends of St. John the Baptist, Alumni, Parishioners, and The Community have rallied to save this wonderful church.  Through your generosity, over $1 Million was raised to restore the church exterior beginning in 2015.  Moving forward, we must continue and look inward.   


Join us in preserving this treasured landmark for generations to come. The restoration of Saint John the Baptist Church will be made possible by people like you.


If you would like more information, please contact Rich Van Fossen Jr. at the email address below or by calling the parish office at:


St John the Baptist

146 Rector Street

Philadelphia, PA 19127

(215) 482-4600 



The restoration of St. John the Baptist Church will be made possible by people like you. Just as money was donated to build this church in the 1890s, we ask that our parishioners, friends, visitors, and admirers of this Gothic beauty unite in support of the restoration.

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