Sacrament of Baptism




Baptisms are scheduled according to group restrictions on the Second Sunday of Each Month immediately following the 11:00 AM Mass, please plan to attend as we begin afterward.  

Visit the Parish Registration tab if you are not registered in the parish and submit a registration form.



You may confirm a Baptismal Date when the following are received - at least one week before the intended date.  
We are unable to discuss or confirm a date without the following in office:
             - Baptismal Registration form with the following attached:
              -one Photocopy of birth record
              -Two  Letters of Eligibility, one from each Godparent


Parents Must:


  1. Be Registered Members in the Parish as their own family

  2. Attend Pre-Jordan Baptismal Preparation, ideally while expecting; plan to attend pre-jordan if you have a child 3 years or older.
    Call 215-482-4600 or email; to sign up for Pre-Jordan via Zoom
    .  Godparents are welcome!

  3. Prayerfully consider Godparents  and have them each request a Letter of Eligibilityfrom their pastor.  Only submit Original signed and sealed Letters .
    A child should have Two Catholic Godparents (one man, one woman), or also acceptable is:
     -  One Catholic Godparent;  OR   
    -   One Catholic Godparent, & One Christian Witness (one man, one woman)       


    A Catholic Godparent Must be:

    1.  A Practicing Catholic (regularly attending Mass, receiving Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Penance & Reconciliation; Living in the norms of Catholic Teaching AND

    2.  at least 16 years or older, AND

    3.   fully initiated Catholic, meaning, having received the Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation, AND

    4.  If married, married sacramentally in the Catholic Church (not civilly or married in another Church or denomination)

    5.  If unmarried, living single, not  living together as a couple

    NOTE WELL:   An inactive Catholic, that is, a baptized Catholic who is not practicing their faith, and not a participating member of a parish, that cannot acquire a Letter of Eligibility, cannot be a Christian Witness.   Also, 
    A non-baptized or non-Christian person cannot stand as a Christian Witness.


    A person who is not Catholic but is baptized and practicing as a Christian (not a former Catholic) may stand as a Christian Witness - only in addition a Catholic Godparent  (One man, one woman).  

    An Eligible Christian Witness is:                                                               

    - 16 years of age or older; 
    - Fully initiated in the Christian faith as prescribed by the Christian church where they are members                                                                        

    Practicing their Christian Faith regularly                                        
    - Able to provide a letter of recommendation from their pastor to stand as Christian Witness for baptism. 


    1) Pre-Jordan is complete,
    2) you have received (both) Original Godparent Letters of Eligibility,
    3) you have completed the Baptismal Registration Form and attached the birth record and letters of Eligibility, then
    4) Visit the Rectory with the forms completed to set the date
    (call in advance of your visit, 215-482-4600).  

    A date may not be scheduled without all Letters and Registrations submitted and complete. Baptismal Registration Forms are available at the Rectory if you have BOTH
    Godparent Letters of Eligibility Ready.  

    Baptisms are held on the Second Sunday of the Month in Church after the 11:00 AM Sunday Mass.



Please attend 11:00 AM Mass and invite your family members!

Family and Friends are encouraged to attend your child’s baptism, the first Sacrament of Initiation -  Please invite them to attend Mass!  Visitors unable to attend Mass are welcome to wait outside of Church while mass is being said.  There is no set time that mass ends, therefore we ask the Godparents, parents and their child to be present and attend the 11:00 AM Mass so the Baptism may begin promptly after mass.


We respectfully ask that if guests are not attending Mass, please do not to wait in the vestibule of Church during Mass.  Those guests may enter the church after the Mass is over and the congregation has exited church.  Please do not bring food and/or drinks into church.  The tables and chairs in the vestibule are used for parish functions before and after Mass.  



There is a restroom in the church vestibule and our church is handicapped accessible. There is a break in center of church within the pews for disabled and wheelchair access, at the Baptismal Font area.  Strollers may be kept in the church vestibule or rear of church, and clear of the aisles.  The church is not air conditioned.  



Enter our Church Parking Lot on 4211 Cresson Street.  The lot closes and is gated after the Baptisms end, please ask your guests to move their car or it may be towed when the lot closes for the day.

Handicapped only spots are available adjacent to church main entrance on Rector Street, marked with signs to the ramped entrance.  There are also several handicapped parking spots in front of church on Rector Street



St. John the Baptist Church is located in the Manayunk Section of Philadelphia at

119 Rector Street, Philadelphia PA, 19127.  


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